123 hp com setup HP printers are famous for quality, vibrant printing and User friendly. Whenever you need quick support or step by step instruction for install setup, driver download for Hp printer go to- 123hp.com/setup.

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HP first time Printer Installation Process - 123.hp.com/setup

When you bought the printer for the first time to set up the printer. While 123hp.com/setup is a helpful page Where all the information related to Hp Printer can be received.

So follow the easy steps below to begin the process:

  1. Firstly, unbox the printer and take it off carefully and place it.
  2. Remove all the tapes and other material from it.
  3. Keep power cables, manuals, CD's and ink cartridges on one side for later usage.
  4. Please make sure the printer is next to the power socket.
  5. Now, connect the printer to the power plug and switch ON them.
  6. Then press the Power button to start the  HP printer.
  7. Then go to the screen of the printer and configure Language, Date, Area and so on.
  8. Open the cartridge door and add each ink at the correct location.
    •  If you are confused and don't know how to insert the ink cartridge then take help from the printer manual
  9. Now take a bunch of A4 size printing sheets and put in the input tray.
  10. Then a test print by testing the manual on 123hp.com/setup.

How to download driver and setup via 123hp.com/setup

To process your Hp printer you need to have driver and software in your device. As drivers allow printing and send the order to the printer.

How to download driver and setup Mac- 123 hp com setup 

Setup your Mac with Hp printer. You need to go to 123hp.com/setup here to download the driver and guidelines steps by steps setup

STEP 1: Switch ON your Mac device and the printer.

STEP 2: Link your Mac and Printer to USB. 

STEP 3: Now ensure that both are connected to the same network.

STEP 4: Then open the browser.

STEP 5: For a download driver go to 123hp.com/setup.

STEP 6: Then pick an option or printer name which suits your printer setup. 

STEP 7: Now click on the download button for the driver and install the driver.

STEP 8: After the installation asks for terms and conditions accept them.

STEP 9: Now you change the setting according to your needs.

STEP 10: And begin on-screen guidance and finish  the program.

Now you're done with your 123hp.com/setup for Mac, you can use the printer to get the printer from your HP printer.